Teach Awesome Yoga

Teach Awesome Yoga is the complete A-Z blueprint for creating and delivering awesome, inspiring classes so you can build a rewarding and profitable yoga career that works perfectly for YOU.  

You have some yoga training and know the mechanics of the poses, but you need more to feel ready to teach yoga.  

Teach Awesome Yoga is that MORE. It's a unique training.  

It's the only course that answers your practical questions and closes the gap so you feel ready to begin confidently teaching.  

We lead you step by step, showing you exactly how to develop the personal skills you need to be the guru that you are, confident and amazing.  

In less than two weeks, you can bridge the gap between your training and start Teaching Awesome Yoga.


Who are we?

This program is for you if...

  • You've mastered asana, NOW you need to find your authentic voice
  • You would love to learn more and feel more confident, but can't commit to another lengthy program.
  • You love the idea of learning at your own pace, with the support of a team.
  • You desire to be the BEST you can be and help others be their best.
  • You want to build your profitable career and begin earning ASAP.

Here's what we cover:

Teach By Trusting Your Inner Guide

Gamechanger. We start by showing you exactly how to connect to your inner guru. You'll get the direction you desire from the teacher within you.

Build What Works For YOU

How do you get from where you are now to where you want to go? (Do you even know where you want to go?) It has to work for YOU or it is never gonna fly.

Plug Into Planning Power

Learn the most important thing to do to while planning your classes and your career. Master the formula for teaching with shakti!

L Thread a Theme

Powerful teachers know the secret to creating a beautiful class experience. We show you how to demystify it and get the same results.

The Secret to Signature Style

If putting together an advanced sequence feels daunting, rest assured, we've got you covered. Here, we break down our signature method of smart sequencing for any kind of class.

How to Attract Amazing Students

Learn the secret to teaching authentically, which is the KEY to attracting perfect students. Master this and you will have a steady stream of private clients and full classes.

Read The Room & Teach the Teachers

Learn playlist basics and secrets. Get answers from experts to practical questions about demonstrating vs adjusting, how to read a room, teach to mixed levels and more.

Align Then Act

Experienced teachers know how to keep their students safe without endlessly spewing alignment cues. Let students have their own experience without talking them to tears. We'll show you how with our unique methods of alignment.

What's Your Investment?

Unlike expensive, inconvenient trainings that are huge time investments, this course is self paced and can be completed in a time frame that works with your schedule.

In less than two weeks you can come out super confident and crystal clear with well defined steps to build your yoga career.... whatever you want it to look like. We can help you with that too.

This investment is in yourself and it pays off not only in teaching skills, but in all areas of your life. You'll make the transformation from feeling uneasy and unprepared to certainty and poise.

That will be your most important investment.

You are worth it.

Get the entire course including templates, checklists, 10 videos and training modules  

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"Most impactful about this training was gaining an approach for creating yoga classes and having a baseline structure and sequence to follow. I loved the individualized exposure to meditation, yoga and grounding techniques. Having the regular, weekly touchpoint helped me in learning to find solutions and was invaluable." - Debi Huber, Pilates and Muscle Activation Techniques Master Specialist  

"Catherine is the best of the best. Every week she brings something new and fresh. I am convinced that time our team spends with Catherine each week pays huge dividends, both at work and in our personal lives."  

- Scott Vinson, LC Specification and Design CS Illumination  

"I am learning so much. I love it! What has had the most impact on me so far has been the mind / body connection. What an amazing and liberating thing it has been. Understanding and recognizing energies and where they are coming from. And how to work through them has been so powerful. I am looking forward to understanding so much more."  

- Jaime Chutas, Teach Awesome Yoga student

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